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I sleep around so you don't have to! This collection of places to spend the night has been meticulously curated. I have stayed in each and every one. I have slept in the bed, eaten the breakfast and visited the pool, spa or ice machine. I have chatted with the who’s who in charge. These are the places I recommend… you don’t need to know about the others! Trust me!

Julie Vogel


About me & BestBeds...

at Sparkling Hill, BC, Canada

I have always wanted to go places: discovering, exploring, sleeping. I have traveled to more than 100 countries. Finding the right place to sleep is a challenge. Who to trust is difficult. I started Best Beds to give travellers a place to go for honest recommendations of hotels, camps, ships or airbnb’s. I have slept at them all. I genuinely like them. No one pays me to be listed here. I’d be delighted to connect you with these hosts. Some offer special amenities due to my affiliation with the Virtuoso network. Others offer perks because I am providing an introduction. Let my goodwill be your goodwill. Alternatively, you can click on the link and book or explore further on your own.

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