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Who to sleep with is easy, where to sleep is not. It seems everyone has an agenda, hidden or otherwise. So many reviews out there, but are they real…was the writer paid for the review, do they get a kick back, had they even stayed in the hotel. Who knows. I started BestBeds to give travellers a go-to place for trusted recommendations. All the reviews here are places I have actually tried myself. All are places I like. I’m not a critic, I only share where you will enjoy sleeping. When you click on the link you will go directly to the hotel’s website. No one knows I sent you. Of course I hope you will book through me, that’s how I make a living…

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About Me

Travel has always been my addiction, hotels my passion. When I’m home my bathrooms are inspired by the Peninsula, my beds by the Four Seasons and my flowers by endless lobbies. I love discovering cultures, foods and places to sleep. For years I dragged my family with me seeking adventure, a not-quite-stay-at-home mom. Now I explore by myself. I started blogging to share my experiences and inspire others. In 2018 I became a travel advisor to help others fulfill their travel dreams. I launched BestBeds to give travellers a trusted resource. A spot to find honest, unbiased reviews of where to lay your head. All places I have stayed, all places I enjoyed and all places I feel confident recommending.


Ah! The next adventure! The wonderful opportunity to explore, discover and learn. The days of schlepping kids are behind me. I have more time, less responsibility and a bigger appetite for adventure than ever. I will always enjoy luxury, but am willing to forsake it in exchange for a great experience. These blog posts document my search for the unique, the bizarre, the unknown and the rediscovery of old favorites, established extravagances and traditional comforts. To paraphrase Mark Twain, it is the food you do not eat, the places you do not visit and the things you do not try that you will regret. I am squeezing every adventure, opportunity and chance out of life. My plan is to not regret a thing and to write all about it as I go along.

About the business

Been there, done that, know how to do the research…let me inspire your next getaway and help you plan the perfect trip. Once the kids moved out I hit the road. Now I spend my days finding the next place you want to explore and the perfect place to stay once you get there. I can help you book big or small, one night or a fully loaded itinerary…. hotels, flights, tours, cruises, even airport pick up! Some recent client experiences include a bucket list bike ride in Jordan, a last minute romantic weekend in the Turks, a balloon ride in Cappadocia and a kid friendly break in Beverly Hills. I work from everywhere with the help of my fabulous team mates at Wells Luxury Travel.

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